The OneGVLarts project murals:

Driving Tour: Make a fun adventure and snap some selfies at our 5 mural locations! Please remember to always be aware of your surroundings when taking selfies. 
PRE-GAME: Meet your friends for your favorite coffee or treat at World Piece/Coffee Underground at 109 W Stone Ave Suite A1, Greenville, SC 29609. Outdoor seating is available!

All artwork by Adam Schrimmer and Alexa Ternes.
Poetry editor and curator: Kimberly J Simms.

1. "Rorschach" Mural. 620 Rutherford Street. Across from the Radio Room, you will see Jordan Lumber on Rutherford Road/Ashley - opposite which is a driveway that takes you to the back of the white building whose front is on Rutherford Street.

Note: The Rorschach test is a psychological test in which subjects' perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed.

Journal/Discussion: What are three things you see in the inkblot?
Write a short journal entry or poem inspired by something you see in the inkblot. 

602 Rutherford Street (Across from Spinx/Radio Room),
Poetry by Mythe Mosley.

2. "Caged Bird Sings Because" Mural. From Rutherford, drive down Shaw Street towards the Poe Mill area. On the right at the Soteria building, you will see the mural at 210 Shaw Street. You can also catch another mural by Adam Schrimmer on the other side of the building, "Human." 

Note: This poem is entitled "Caged Bird Sings Because," and was inspired by Maya Angelou. Watch a video of Glenis Redmond reading her poem

 Journal/Discussion: What do you think the line means, "Deep down, she knows, not everyone loves her back"? 

Soteria At Work  210 Shaw St, Greenville, SC 29609,
Poetry by Glenis Redmond.

3. "We are Still Marching" Mural.  From Shaw Street continue driving until you come to the intersection with Buncombe Road. You will see the mural to your right at 1505 Buncombe Road. 

Journal/Discussion: Has your resolve for change been strengthened during this time?
What are some changes that have been made due to protests?

1505 Buncombe Road, Poe Mill area
Poetry by Moody Black

4. "Sharecropper Staples" Mural.  From intersection with Shaw Street/Buncombe turn right onto Buncombe Road.  Or from the parking lot 1505 Buncombe, take a left onto Buncombe Road to turn towards Berea. Go under the bridge and at the set of lights, turn right onto Old Buncombe Road. You will find the mural in the old appliance building on the left now home to Paper Moon Studios & Workshop. 2415 Old Buncombe Road. 

What family traditions do you carry on with your family?
What is your favorite family food tradition?

Paper Moon Studios & Workshop,
2415 Old Buncombe Rd, Greenville, SC 29609,
Poetry by Kimberly Simms

5. "Langston Hughes" Mural. From Paper Moon Studios, turn right and go down Old Buncombe Road towards Pete Hollis Blvd. Turn right onto Pete Hollis/Cedar Lane, then take a left onto Old Bleachery Road (the turn before the Swamp Rabbit Cafe). Turn left onto Hampton Avenue, pass over the railroad tracks, then you will see the Swamp Rabbit Trail at Hampton Station, which passes in front of the mural. 

1. What dreams have you delayed due to COVID-19?  
2. Do you know anyone who reminds you of a rose that blooms from concrete?

Hampton Station on the Barrel Building Trailside,

1320 Hampton Avenue. Poetry by Jenice Pleasant.

Wrap up: Check out the rest of the murals at Hampton Station, enjoy some beverages and food from  White Duck Taco restaurant or Birds Fly South brewery with outdoor seating, 
or take a stroll on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, then check out the Swamp Rabbit Cafe! 

Write your own poem:

Write your own poem/prose poem inspired by the phrase, "In my south," using 5 of the following words: 
bloom, change, concrete, flavor, give, hot pepper, inkblot, justice, mirror, moonshine, quilt, souls, tradition, velvet, 

  • Coming Soon!
    Murals on Swamp Rabbit Trail